Art of Transformation

Art of Transformation is a media project of the Imaging Research Center, where Lee Boot is Research Associate Professor and Director. It will implement the idea that emerged from the Brick Garden Series: the notion that we can only improve our circumstances by engaging the arts to change both the sources, forms, and content of our public stories, and to co-create public wisdom anew. Lee's practice of creating artworks such as the Brick Garden Series which then become the seeds of larger, public media projects, has been his process for nearly twenty years.

This 10-minute video lays out the theory of change that emerged in the process of Brick Garden work.

The world we create from ourselves What the film suggests that because the arts are the language of culture, they are our most promising pathway for improving our lives. This is in stark contrast to prevailing wisdom that the arts are merely enrichment and entertainment rather than central to the design of our social structures, and only money, laws, institutions, new data, and technologies create positive change.